Armour Insect Shield

Little Balm

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Take our Insect Shield on your next outdoor adventure.

A non-sticky formula that helps to repel flying, stinging buys without the use of DEET and other harsh toxins, while keeping your skin moisturised.

Armour is your safe, natural outdoor companion this summer! Perfect for hiking/camping trips, backyard BBQs, outdoor events. Comes in a light, travel- and environmental-friendly aluminium mist bottle.  

Ingredients (*organic) & known properties: - Alcohol-free witch hazel*: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory - Lavender hydrosol*: anti-bacterial, antiseptic - Palm-free glycerin: draws moisture to skin, locks moisture in - Citronella essential oil: deters insects, soothes skin - Lemongrass essential oil: deters insects, anti-inflammatory - Lavender essential oil: deters insects, anti-bacterial, soothes irritated skin - Peppermint essential oil: deters insects, soothes irritated skin - Rose geranium essential oil: deters insects, soothes insect bites  

To use: Shake well before use.

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