Hobo & Hatch work with local and global artisans to design and create pieces that empower the wearer to discover simple beauty.

Inspired by the eternal wanderer, independent spirit, salt of the earth, ocean dwellers and vintage lovers. The label has declared their support for slow fashion.

Supporting sustainability initiatives across the fashion world, reducing its carbon footprint & carrying ethical products in a push for more ‘conscious’ shopping.

Supporting charitable projects, the purchase of a single product aids everyone involved to rebuild and strengthen lives. 

With global recognition, the team are passionate about sustainability and design a product that's conscious of our environment and protect our Mother Earth. One-of-a-kind pieces merged with vintage, simple honest craftsmanship with elegant design.

Treading lightly, we are on a journey to be the best that we can be. Connecting us to the earth with tradition and individuality.

Find us : online or with our retailers throughout
Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU and USA.

Contact us : +61 (0) 89750 5055
or email 

Visit us : in the design studio and shop, nestled in nature in our Quindalup space [place of the Quenda - southern brown bandicoot and Wadandi - sea people]

Open every Friday 9am - 4pm 

498 - 500 Commonage Road, Quindalup, Western Australia, 6281

With thanks and gratitude always. 



A little bit more... 


We've always worked closely with our global teams. Taking pride in our fair trade principles and personally visiting up to 4 times per year (pre-covid). 

Offering sustainable incomes, our partnerships are now over 10 years + and grow in strength each year. 

Each piece designed and handmade, tells a story... we want you, the wearer to cherish for years to come. 


We use compostable packs when shipping all online orders.

We endeavour to be plastic free and strive to use all natural fibres. 

Limiting our inventory to small batch collections, we only create what we need. 

The team are passionate about sustainability and design a product that's conscious of our environment and protect our Mother Earth. 

Our head office is proudly self-sufficient, collecting our own rain water and powered by solar energy. 


Emphasising on collections that have a philanthropic nature,

you can be proud of what you are wearing. 

Hobo and Hatch stands on Wadandi Noongar country. We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Wadandi Noongar people, as the traditional custodians of this land, and to their Elders past, present and emerging. For they hold the memories, the traditions and the culture of the first people across the nation.